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D&D stuff I have created
Alternate Domain Spells This is a large list of spells designed specifically for Domains. Most of them are unique and are only available if the Cleric has that domain. This is a pre-release and is not finished (there are a few gaps).


I have given up on receiving any purchases for Spells v1.x and Skills. They are now free. There will be no updates unless I feel like it.

Spells v3.x is $US3.50 and available from Kagi


My skill allocation software. This allows you to assign skill points to characters, useful for NPCs or starting at a high level where keeping track of skill points can be a pain.

Item File Type Size* Version OS
Skills Skills.dmg Full Package 4.4MiB 1.0.7 Mac OS X 10.3+, Universal
Skills Text Files Skill_Files.zip Zip->Text files 7405 bytes All

Skills does not function correctly on 10.6 (Snow Leopard). I will not be fixing this issue anytime soon.


An application which displays spells in a sortable list.
It also includes a filter and a spell layout generator generator.
It has been written with PRD rules in mind.
The 1.x version is available but unsupported. It is written with SRD 3.X in mind.

Item File Type Size* Version OS
Spells Spells_3.1.1.dmg Full Package 3.2MiB 3.1.1 Mac OS X 10.6+, Intel
Spells Spells.dmg Full Package 4.7MiB 1.0.2 Mac OS X 10.3+, Universal
Spell List all.txt.zip Zip->Text file 179KiB All

Die Roll

Die roll is a simple global floating window which allows rolling in two forms: XdY+Z & XdY drop Z.

Item File Type Size Version OS
Die Roll DieRoll.dmg OS X Application 88KB 1.0 Mac OS X 10.4

Skills & Spells were written using REALBasic.
It is possible for me to compile a Windows & Linux version except for the fact that the RB Pro licence is expensive.
So, unless I get a lot of requests and some form of donation/income, I won't be producing them any time soon.
DieRoll was created using XCode & C (to reduce the size from >1MB to 92KB).

*The application sizes are large due to the fact that a large dynamic library is added to every application when created by the RB software.

E-mail : add@tridiak.co.nz

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