PFM is simple layout and printing utility for pathfinder monsters.
The application is not an editor. To create a monster, use the 'PFMonsterEntry' application.
(The monster file is just a text file with certain formatting. See below).

NOTE Application will be available on Mac App store shortly.

Layout Window

This window shows what will print. It is set to A4 (can't be changed).
What is shown is the default and can be changed using the edit window.
To change the displayed monster, select Open from the file menu.

Edit Window

Not so obvious
Left hand columns are pane editors for the main window.
Each pane is a button which allows you to edit font, background colour, foreground colour and pane formatting text.
The dividers in-between each button are for resizing each pane. Minimum size is zero.
The top-right pane is the formatter for the currently selected pane.
If it is empty (a single space is not empty) then the pane will display the default layout.
If it contains any characters, then it will display as is modified with formatting tokens.
Formatting is explained below.
Save save current layout and formatting to file.
Load load a saved layout from file.
Duplicate does nothing as yet.

Formatter definition

Each formatter is outputted verbatim except as follows:
:<field>: Output field string
:\: or :\n: Newline
:: Colon
:<style> One or more of the following: B (bold), U (underline), I (italic). If one trait is missing and the previous run had that trait, that trait will be removed.
:O: No style used. Not the same as default style.
:<colour name>: text colour
:DTC: default text colour
:DTS: default text style
?:<field>:<formatted stuff>? Valid field check. If <field> is not an empty string, then everything in-between the two ?s (excluding the immediate :<field>: placeholder) is outputted. That section can contain formatters.
If it is an empty string, then nothing is outputted.
There can be no other characters between the ? & : and there must an ending ?. If there is not, the parser will complain.
Defense ?:<splr>:B:SR:O: :splr: ?:B:AC:O: :ac__
The will output "Defense SR 34 AC 10" when spell resistance field is "34".
If SR field is empty (a single space does not constitute an empty string), the output will be "Defense AC 10".

The code in-between the colons is case sensitive (currently all are lower case).
The formatters can be inserted directly into a field string (using the PFMonsterEntry app or editing the text file). The formatters will be removed when outputted in basic layout mode.
Field NameField formatter string
name name
CR crtg
EXP exp_
Alignment algn
Size size
Type type
Subtype styp
Initiative init
Senses sens
Aura aura
AC ac__
HP hpts
Fort fort
Ref refx
Will will
Immune immn
Resists rest
DR dmgr
SR splr
Weaknesses weak
Space/Reach s/r_
Speed sped
Melee 0 mel0
Melee 1 mel1
Melee 2 mel2
Melee 3 mel3
Ranged 0 rge0
Ranged 1 rge1
Ranged 2 rge2
Ranged 3 rge3
Str str_
Dex dex_
Con con_
Int int_
Wis wis_
Cha cha_
Base Attack bab_
CMD cmd_
CMB cmb_
SQ spcq
Environment envr
Treasure loot
Organisation org_
Spec Attacks satk
Spell-like sp__
Spells spel
Feats feat
Skills skil
Languages lang
Spec Abilities spca
Description desc
Text Colour Formatter String
Red red
Green grn
Blue blu
Yellow ylw
Magenta mag
Cyan cyn
Black blk
White wht
Light Grey lgy
Dark Grey dgy
Orange org
Brown brn
Purple ppl

PF Monster Entry

Simple monster field filler.
The bottom-left text box is for fields that require more than one line to enter.
The label above it is the currently selected field.
The field is selected by pressing one of the square buttons. Data in the field is automatically saved when you switch to another.
The monster name field cannot be changed once the file has been saved.
You can insert formatting tokens (see above) in any field text.


Item File Type Size Version OS
PFMonsterEntry PFMonsterEntry Compressed Disk Image 2.1MiB 1.0 Mac OS X 10.8.4+ (Intel 32)

PFMonsterEntry disk image contents contains the following:
  • PFMonsterEntry application (Intel 64)
  • Licence (text file)
  • QuickHelp (rtf file)
  • Version_Changes (rtf file)

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