Spell List

Version 1.3


SpellList is a utility app which lists spells from the Pathfinder® RPG with a semi-natural language filter.

Android version help page is here.

Note. SpellList is in the process of being rewritten ground-up. It will include a "sensible" random spell generator.



Main Window


Main Window

Not so obvious
Bottom text field is where you enter the filter queries to filter down the spells listed.
When the query is typed in, the text will be one of three colours :

The app will quit if the window is closed.


iPad Main Screen iPad Filter Screen

Not so obvious


Print Window


Print Window

Not so obvious


iPad Print Screen

Not so obvious

The up & down arrows will scroll through the other attributes. The strip can be scrolled horizontally if the screen is too narrow.

Print Formatting

Text will be printed verbatim except for the following placeholders. All placeholders must be enclosed by [ ].

[B]Toggle bold
[U]Toggle underline
[I]Toggle italic
[#RRGGBB]Colour. Hexadecimal.
[< name >]Preset colour: BLACK, RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, MAGENTA, CYAN
[Font:< name >(;< size >)]Font name spelling must be exact. Use 'default' for user selected default. Use 'system' for system font. Size is optional. If not present, it is assumed to be 12.

Important : not all fonts support bold and/or italic. Wikipedia Font List.

NameNM, NAMEwill print spell's name
SchoolSCHwill print three character shorthand for school
SCHLwill print normal length word for school
SubschoolSS, SUBSwill print spell's subschool if it has one
ClassesCLS, CLASSwill print spell's classes in the form of 'class X' with '/' as separator
Level for classLVL_XXXwill print level if class exists, otherwise nothing
where XXX is one of 'SOR', 'WIZ', 'CLR', 'DRD', 'RGR', 'BRD', 'PAL', 'ALC', 'SMN', 'WIT', 'INQ', 'ORC', 'APL', 'MAG', 'ADP', 'BRG', 'SHM', 'PSY', 'MED', 'MES', 'OCC', 'SPR'.
Spell-like Ability LevelSLAwill print SLA level if it exists
ComponentsCOMPwill print single letter separated list of spell components
COMPSwill print full word, separated list of spell components
Xwill print single letter of component X if it exists
where X is one of V,S,M,F,DF
Spell ResistanceSRwill print 'yes' if it SR is allowed
SR_NOwill print 'no' if SR is not allowed
SR_HRMwill print 'harmless' if SR has harmless component
SR_OBJwill print 'object' if SR has object component
Saving ThrowSTFwill print 'fort' if ST has fort save
STRwill print 'ref' if ST has reflex save
STWwill print 'will' if ST has will save
ST-will print 'neg' if ST has negates component
STPwill print 'partial' if ST has partial component
STHwill print 'half' if ST has half component
STNwill print 'none' if ST has none component
STSwill print 'harmless' if ST has harmless component
STOwill print 'object' if ST has object component
Casting TimeCTwill print 'immed', 'swift', 'std act', 'X rd', 'full rd', 'X mins', 'X hrs', 'X days' or 'other'
CTIMEwill print 'immediate', 'swift', 'standard action', 'X rounds', 'full round', 'X minutes', 'X hours', 'X days' or 'other'
RangeRGEwill print '--', 'personal', 'touch', 'close', 'medium', 'long', 'X feet', 'x yards' or other
DomainsDMNwill print list of comma separated strings.
DMNSwill print list of space separated strings.
BloodlinesBLDwill print list of comma separated strings.
BLDLwill print list of space separated strings.
MythicMYTwill print 'yes' or 'no' if spell is mythic
MYTHICwill print 'mythic' if it is
Costly ComponentsCCwill print 'yes' or 'no' if spell has costly components
ShapeableSHPwill print 'yes' or 'no' if spell is shapeable
SHAPEwill print 'shapeable' if it is
Material CostsMATGwill print gold cost as 'XXg'
MATSwill print gold cost as 'XX'
Source BookSRCwill print spell's source book
DescriptorsDESCwill print 'AC', 'AR', 'CH', 'CD', 'DK', 'DT', 'EA', 'EL', 'EV', 'FR', 'FI', 'FO', 'GD', 'LG', 'LW', 'LT', 'MD', 'PN', 'SW', 'SN', 'WT', 'CU', 'DI', 'EM', 'PO' for each descriptor that exists separated by commas.
DESCFwill print 'acid', 'air', 'chaotic', 'cold', 'darkness', 'death', 'earth', 'elec', 'evil', 'fear', 'fire', 'force', 'good', 'lang', 'lawful', 'light', 'mind', 'pain', 'shadow', 'sonic', 'water', 'curse', 'disease', 'emotion', 'poison' for each descriptor that exists separated by commas
XXFwill print print the full length word for 'XX' if it exists
XX is one of the two-letter codes above
DescriptionBLABwill print spell's html source text. Inadvisable as it can be long


Filter Query

A filter query is one or more of queries separated by 'and' or 'or'. Queries can be enclosed or nested inside ( ).

Two query formats:

Example: (Q1 and (Q4 or Q2)) or Q3


Query verbs must be typed in as below, with no extra spaces in-between. Each field uses a subset of the verbs below. See below for specifics.

Prefix Verbs
is not
does not have

is one of / is not one of
is between / is not between
is less than / is <
is greater than / is >
contains / does not contain
begins with / ends with
is equal to / is not equal to
is / is not
has one of / does not have one of
has / does not have


Fields are all lower case (except for 'SLA_Level'). Currently they must be spelt as shown.

Full list :

name is equal to ATTR, is not equal to ATTR, contains ATTR, does not contain ATTR, begins with, ends with ATTR ATTR is any alphanumeric string of characters. Comparison is case insensitive.

school is (one of) ATTR, is not (one of) ATTR
ATTR is one of

abjuration abj
conjuration cnj
divination div
enchantment enc
evocation evo
illusion ill
necromancy nec necromantic
transmutation tra trn
universal uni unv

subschool exists, is (one of) ATTR, is not (one of) ATTR
ATTR is one of

descriptor exists, is (one of) ATTR, is not (one of) ATTR
ATTR is one of

Example : descriptor is not one of evil, good, lawful, chaotic

casting_time is (not) ATTR
ATTR is one of

Rounds, minutes, hours and days can have an integer number preceding it. e.g. 2 rds, 5 minutes.
Example : casting_time is 3 mins

components has (one of) ATTR(, ATTR, …), does not have (one of) ATTR(, ATTR, …)
ATTR is one of 'V', 'Verbal', 'S', 'Somatic', 'M', 'Material', 'F', 'Focus', 'DF', 'Divine Focus'

costly_components prefix: has costly_components, does not have costly_components

range is (not) ATTR
ATTR is one of 'personal', 'touch', 'close', 'medium', 'long', 'feet', 'yard', 'yards'.
'feet' and 'yards' require a value preceding them or the query will evaluate to false.

Example : range is 10 feet

dismissible prefix : is (not) dismissible

shapeable prefix : is (not) shapeable

saving_throw has (one of) ATTR(, ATTR, …); does not have (one of) ATTR(, ATTR, …)
prefix : has saving_throw, does not have saving_throw
ATTR is one of 'fort', 'fortitude', 'ref', 'reflex', 'will', 'negates', 'neg', 'partial', 'half', 'none', 'harmless', 'object'

Example : saving_throw has one of fort,ref,half

spell_resistence has (one of) ATTR(, ATTR, …); does not have (one of) ATTR(, ATTR, …)
prefix : has spell_resistence, does not have spell_resistence
ATTR is one of 'yes', 'no', 'none', 'harmless', 'object'

Example : spell_resistence does not have harmless

source is (one of) ATTR, is not (one of) ATTR ATTR is one of

ap29AP 29
ap30AP 30
ap35AP 35
ap42AP 42
ap50AP 50
ap55AP 55
ap56AP 56
ap62AP 62
ap64AP 64
ap65AP 65
ap67AP 67
ap68AP 68
ap69AP 69
ap71AP 71
ap74AP 74
ap77AP 77
ap78AP 78
ap80AP 80
ap81AP 81
ap82AP 82
ap84AP 84
ap86AP 86
ap89AP 89
ap91AP 91
ap93AP 93
ap95AP 95
acgAdvanced Class Guide
acoAdvanced Class Origins
argAdvanced Race Guide
aaAnimal Archive
boeBlood Of The Elements
botmBlood Of The Moon
botnBlood Of The Night
botd1Book of the Dammed V1
botd2Book of the Damned V2
cobChampions Of Balance
cocChampions Of Corruption
copChampions Of Purity
ceodCheliax Empire Of Devils
cotrChronicle Of The Righteous
ctClassic Treasures
c&cCohorts & Companions
ccCondition Cards
dhhDemon Hunters Handbook
drDemons Revisited
dttDirty Tactics Toolbox
depDragon Empires Primer
drhDragonslayers Handbook
duhDungeoneers Handbook
dogDungeons Of Golarion
dwogDwarves of Golarion
fgFaction Guide
f&pFaiths & Philosophies
focFaiths Of Corruption
fopFaiths Of Purity
ffFamiliar Folio
ghhGiant Hunters Handbook
gogGoblins Of Golarion
hotsHeroes Of The Streets
hotwHeroes Of The Wild
hothHorsemen Of The Apocalypse
hogHumans Of Golarion
isgInner Sea Gods
ismInner Sea Magic
ismcInner Sea Monster Codex
iswgInner Sea World Guide
kotisKnights Of The Inner Sea
kogKobolds Of Golarion
lkLost Kingdoms
mmMagical Marketplace
mttMelee Tactics Toolbox
mcMonster Codex
mshMonster Summoners Handbook
maMythic Adventures
moMythic Origins
oaOccult Adventures
obOccult Bestiary
omOccult Mysteries
oogOrcs of Golarion
olopOsirion, Legacy Of Pharaohs
corePFRPG Core
pfrpgPFRPG Core
pfsPFS S3-09
paizoPaizo Blog
psfgPathfinder Society Field Guide
pspPathfinder Society Primer
potnPeople Of The North
potrPeople Of The River
potsdPeople Of The Sands
potsrPeople Of The Stars
potisPirates Of The Inner Sea
q&cQuests and Campaigns
rttRanged Tactics Toolbox
rgRival Guide
tgTechnology Guide
tddThe Dragons Demand
thhThe HarrowHandbook
ucUltimate Combat
umUltimate Magic
ushUndead Slayers Handbook

verbal prefix : has verbal, does not have verbal

somatic prefix : has somatic, does not have somatic

material prefix : has material, does not have material

focus prefix : has focus, does not have focus

divine_focus prefix : has divine_focus, does not have divine_focus

SLA_Level is (not) N, is (not) between N-M, is less than N, is greater than N N & M are a spell level (whole number). M must be greater than N.

Example : SLA_Level is between 1-3

domain is (not) ATTR, is (not) one of ATTR
prefix : has domain, does not have domain
ATTR is one of

id is (not) N, is (not) between N-M, is less than N, is greater than N N & M are a spell level (whole number). M must be greater than N.
NOTE : id is the spell database internal ID. It is not an attribute of any spell.

material_costs prefix : has material_costs, does not have material_costs

bloodline is (not) ATTR, is (not) one of ATTR
prefix : has bloodline, does not have bloodline
ATTR is one of

mythic prefix : has mythic, does not have mythic

CHAR_CLASS level is (not) N, level is (not) between N-M, level is less than N, level is greater than N
N & M are a spell level (whole number). M must be greater than N.
prefix : is (not) CHAR_CLASS
CHAR_CLASS is one of

Example :
sor level is between 1-3
is cleric

DESCRIPTOR prefix : has DESCRIPTOR, does not have DESCRIPTOR
DESCRIPTOR is one of