Directory Tree

Version 5.3


Requires Mac OS 10.12 or higher.

DirTree is a filing system viewer.

You have the ability to see the contents of a directory as a List, a Tree or as rows of Icons.

What's New

  1. All Views: All Stop is much faster now.
  2. Fixed: Crash where refreshing the root directory after it has been deleted. The window will now self close upon refresh.
  3. List View: SQLite export.
  4. List View: Tab Separated List.

General Information

1) It is not designed for amateurs. Having a general idea of how the filing system works is advisable. Although DirTree has does no destructive file commands, it can be used to reveal the contents of any directory that the user has read access. You can examine the contents of an application bundle, show the desired object in the Finder and toss it in the trash or edit it. This will cripple the application.

2) DirTree will never execute as root. It will display a message and then abruptly exit.

3) It can be a CPU and memory hog. And gathering the contents of a large directory hierarchy will take time.
Scrolling through 200K+ objects will not be fast. Gathering the entire contents of my Applications directory took a few minutes. A total of ~1.4 million objects gobbled up ~1.4GiB of memory.

4) It has a basic filter so you can include or exclude objects from the final gathering.
Important : what is gathered by a View is not necessarily what is actually in the directory. It is usually a subset. By default, the gathering will only burrow down three levels.


  1. List View
  2. Tree View
  3. Icon View
  4. Fraction View
  5. Filter Strip
  6. Query Parser